Historical Sites In Sri Lanka

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Thuparamaya - Anuradhapura

Thuparamaya is the first Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. Located in the sacred Mahamevna Park, the Thuparama Stupa is the first dagoba built in the island. BC (247-207) was built during the reign of King Devanampiyatissa. Read More

Girihandu Seya
Girihandu Seya - Trincomalee

The first alms given during the lifetime of the Supreme Buddha to the two merchants of Tapassu Bhalluka Considered to be one of the places where hair relics were buried and the world's first dagoba, it is located at a distance of 1 km from the coast of Tiriya It is located on a hilltop about 2 km away. Read More

Maligawila Buddha Statue
Maligawila Buddha Statue - Moneragala

Maligawila is a village in Sri Lanka, 15 km south of Moneragala and 9 km from Okkampitiya in the Moneragala District. It is home to several important archaeological sites, including a free-standing 11 m (36 ft 1.1 in) or 12 m (39 ft 4.4 in) limestone statue, although the Aukana Buddha statue is said to be the tallest Buddha statue in the world. This Lord Buddha attracts many tourists to the region. There is also a 10 meter (32 ft 9.7 in) limestone portrait of Avalokiteshvara. Read More

Lankathilaka Viharaya
Lankathilaka Viharaya - Polonnaruwa

Lankathilake Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist temple located in the village of Udunuwara in the Kandy Administrative District of Sri Lanka. It is located about 4 km from Pilimatalawa Junction on the Daulagala Road. Lankathilaka Viharaya is considered to be one of the finest architectural features of the Gampola period. History of Lankathilaka Vihara It dates back to about the 14th century. According to ancient sources, the temple was built by King Bhuvanekabahu IV (1341-1351 AD). Read More

Buduruwagala Raja Maha Viharaya
Buduruwagala Raja Maha Viharaya - Wellawaya

Buduruwagala is the largest stone statue of Buddha in Sri Lanka. It should be noted that this is a slightly elevated (not fully raised) statue. There are seven carvings on this rock. This book was published in AD. It is believed to belong to the 8th-9th century (it was the era of the Anuradhapura Kingdom). This is believed to be evidence of Mahayana Buddhism in the Rohana kingdom of ancient Sri Lanka. However, there are no historical records of the exact period. Read More

Purana Kadadora Viharaya
Purana Kadadora Viharaya - Nuwara Eliya

Kadadora Temple is another unique temple located in the historical Kotmale area. The reason for such uniqueness is that in the present day, that is, AD. The temple can be seen after 1979 due to the severe drought. The temple is located on the banks of the Kotmale Oya, at the foot of Kadadora Kanda. Among the ruins are a statue, a flower seat, idols and a dragon pandal. What is special is that even after 40 years, the wooden door of the statue is still intact. Read More

Sri Nagala Raja Maha Viharaya
Sri Nagala Raja Maha Viharaya - Anuradhapura

Sri Nagala Raja Maha Viharaya located in the Nikawewa area between Moragollagama and Madagalla is a very beautiful place of worship. It is said that this temple was built during the reign of King Devanampiyatissa and is situated at the foot of a huge hill. This temple which was in ruins for a long time was later cleared and turned into a complete sacred place. Read More

Ridi Viharaya
Ridi Viharaya - Kurunegala

Ridi Viharaya is a 2nd century BC Theravada Buddhist shrine located in the village of Ridigama in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. This temple is located in the Kurunegala district. In the Mahavamsa this place is known as the "Silver Cave". According to legends, King Dutugemunu got silver from this place during the construction of Ruwanweli Seya. Hence it was called the 'Silver Temple'. Read More

Vessagiriya - Anuradhapura

The Vessagiriya Cave Complex is located to the south of the Isurumuni Temple. Vessagiriya is spread over an area of about twenty acres. There are about twenty-six caves made up of three rocks. This temple is also considered to be the first cave temple in Sri Lanka and archaeologists believe that the ancient Isurumuniya was located at this place. The location of this Vessagiriya is very special: To prevent rainwater from falling into the caves and into the ditches below. In addition to the water to drain the falling water. Drains are also a specialty here. Read More

Martello Tower
Martello Tower - Hambantota

Due to the foreign domination of the coastal areas, this land was first selected as a protected area. In 1796 the tower named "Matello" was built. The last Dutch regiment is stationed at this location. The lower and middle floors serve as naval bases, and the upper roof serves as an attic for attacking enemy naval vessels. This tower was built by Captain Gopher according to the design of the Matello pillar in the north cell of France. Read More

Yudaganava Rajamaha Viharaya
Yudaganava Rajamaha Viharaya - Moneragala

Yudaganava Rajamaha Viharaya is located in Buttala area of Uva province. This is the place where King Dutugemunu and Saddhatissa fought in the 161st century BC. This is the first place where King Dutugemunu stayed with his troops during the First War in the North, on his way north from Magama. Mahanaga Raja Magama established the kingdom and built the Chulangani Vihara complex. Read More

Sithulpawwa Rajamaha Viharaya
Sithulpawwa Rajamaha Viharaya - Hambanthota

Sithulpawwa Rajamaha Viharaya is a very old Buddhist place in the Hambantota district in the southern part of Sri Lanka. Located about 18 km from Kataragama town. It is located very close to the Yala Sanctuary which has attracted many foreigners. Legend has it that it was built by King Kavantissa. Read More

Kudumbigala Monastery
Kudumbigala Monastery - Ampara

Situated on a beautiful rock in the middle of a very quiet natural reserve about 22KM from Yala Kumana Sanctuaries in the Eastern Province and about 22 km from Pottuvil, Ampara, this is a place of worship where the monks meditate. It is a once in a lifetime must visit place and if you go there do not forget to take alms or dry food and other necessities to the monks who live there. Read More

Magul Maha Viharaya
Magul Maha Viharaya - Ampara

This Archaeological Shrine is one of the must visit places in the Eastern Province and is a unique place that explores our island-wide heritage. Although local and foreign tourists pay close attention to the historical ruins of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, little attention is paid to the historical sites of Ruhuna. Ruhuna (Rohana) Maha Viharaya Read More

Mulkirigala Rock Monastery
Mulkirigala Rock Monastery - Hambanthota

Mulkirigala Rock Monastery is located in a beautiful area in the Mulkirigala West Grama Niladhari Division of the Weeraketiya Divisional Secretariat in the Hambantota District of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. In 1826, William Daniel, a foreign watercolor painter, painted a stupa on the rock, a stream at the foot, and wildlife. A painting based on the Mulkirigala rock depicting the mode of navigation was created and it is known as the Mulkirigala sacred area painting. Read More

Aadishakti Seeta Amman Temple (Sita Mata Temple)
Aadishakti Seeta Amman Temple - Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is about 8 km from Badulla road and it is right next to the road. Everyone knows the story of Rama Ravana Sita. As a place of worship for Hindus, it is often inhabited by Indians. There is a good toilet system. Read More

Ramba Raja Maha Viharaya
Ramba Raja Maha Viharaya - Hambantota

Ramba Raja Maha Viharaya is an ancient Rajamaha Viharaya of archaeological value located near the town of Ambalantota in the Hambantota District in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. A large number of artifacts have been found here and excavations are still underway. Sri Lanka is a must-see destination for travelers interested in Sri Lanka's past information and architecture. Read More

Gadaladeniya Temple
Gadaladeniya Temple - Kandy

Gadaladeniya Viharaya (Dharmakeerthi Viharaya) is an ancient Buddhist temple located in the Kandy District of Sri Lanka. It is located about 1 km from Pilimatalawa Junction on Daulagala Road. This temple is considered to be the most complete stone temple in present day Sri Lanka. It dates back to about the 14th century. According to ancient sources, this temple was built by King Buwanekabhahu IV (1341-1351 AD) on the instructions of Ven. Dharmakeerthi. It is said that the king entrusted the construction of this temple to his chief minister Senadhilankara Read More

Sandagiri Dagaba
Sandagiri Dagaba - Tissamaharama

Sandagiri Vihara is located 300 meters east of Tissamaharama Vihara. It is a part of the four main temples of Ruhuna, Menik Vehera, Yatala Vehera, Tissamaharama and Sandagiriya. Read More

Ravana's Cave
Ravana's Cave - Badulla

According to the Ramayana, King Rawana abducted Sita Devi and kept her in a cave near Vitravana Falls. Today known as the Ravana Cave, this cave is located at a distance Read More

Kurullangala - Badulla

Kurullangala is a rock with ancient paintings located in the Uva Province. Uva Province is an area where a mystery of the Sri Lankan dynasty is hidden. Read More

Bogoda Wooden Bridge
Bogoda Wooden Bridge - Badulla

This is the bridge from Haliela town in the Badulla district of the Uva province to the Bodogoda Rajamaha Viharaya about 02 miles west of the Jagulla junction on the Gala Uda road. Read More

Avukana Buddha Statue
Avukana Buddha Statue - Anuradhapura

The Aukana Buddha Statue is located facing the Kalawewa in the Avukana village west of the Kalawewa in the Anuradhapura District of the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. There are five largest standing Buddha statues in Sri Lanka. The Avukana Buddha Statue is one of them. In many parts of the island, instead of the tank and the dagoba, the tank and the Buddha statue can be seen. Read More

Ritigala Monastery
Ritigala Monastery - Anuradhapura

Ritigala is a mountain range that has given rise to many mysterious beliefs. Some say that Ritigala was an area inhabited by Yaksha tribes in the early days.It can be seen that some of the pilgrims who visit Anuradhapura now come to Ritigala to see its beauty. Foreign tourists also visit Ritigala. As a result, there are several hotels in the area that cater to their needs. A ticket of Rs. 20 is required to enter here. Read More

Dhowa Rock Temple
Dhowa Rock Temple - Badulla

The Dhowa Rock Temple is a protected heritage site of Sri Lanka located in the central hills of the Uva Province on the Badulla - Bandarawela main road. Another specialty of this place is the large unfinished Buddha statue carved on the stone face of the Mahayana sculpture. Read More

Old Welekade Market
Old Welekade Market - Badulla

The Old Welekade Market, also known as the Dutch Fort in Badulla, is modeled on British colonial architecture and is currently owned by the Department of Archeology of Sri Lanka. This is located in the city of Badulla. Read More

Lankapatuna Samuddragiri Viharaya
Lankapatuna Samuddragiri Viharaya - Trincomalee

Located about 50 km from Trincomalee district. Lankapatuna Samuddragiri Viharaya in Trincomalee is known as the oldest Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. Princess Hemamala, the daughter of the Guhasiva kings of India, and her son-in-law, the Tooth Prince, took the left tooth relic of the Buddha and mounted it at this place called Lakdiva Lanka Patuna. Read More

Sandakada Pahana
Sandakada Pahana - Anuradhapura

Sandakada Pahana is a descendant of the kingdom of Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Sandakada Pahana used in ancient architecture. It's has been created to vary from kingdom to kingdom for a variety of reasons. Every historical place in Sri Lanka has a semi-circular stone slab at the foot of the stairs with an entrance. Read More

Dambulla Cave Temple
Dambulla Cave Temple - Matale

Dambulla Rajamaha Viharaya is a Rajamaha Viharaya located in the Matale District in the central part of Sri Lanka. This site is located 148 km northeast of Colombo and 72 km north of Kandy. This is the largest and best preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka. The peak rises 160 m above the surrounding plain. There are more than 80 documented caves around here. Read More

Yapahuwa Rock Fortress
Yapahuwa Rock Fortress - Kurunegala

Yapahuwa Rock Fortress is located in the Yapahuwa Electorate in the Kurunegala District of the North Western Province. In the past, this kingdom was known by various names such as Yapawwa, Suba Pabbata, Suba Pawwa, Io Pabbata and Sundaragiri Pabbata. After the invasion of Kalinga Magha in 1215 AD, the kingdom of Polonnaruwa collapsed. Read More

Abhayagiriya Stupa
Abhayagiriya Stupa - Anuradhapura

Abhayagiri Viharaya was built by King Walagamba of Lakdiva in the first century BC. AD It functioned well until the eleventh century. Abhayagiri Vihara is one of the most beautiful temples in Sri Lanka and is the second largest Buddhist sect in Sri Lanka. This can be included in the category of Buddhist founding universities such as Nalanda, Jagaddala and Wickramashila which existed in ancient India. Foreigners, including King Gunavarman of Kashmir and Chinese Read More

Matale Aluvihare
Matale Aluvihare - Matale

The Aluvihare in Matale is so famous because it was at this place that the Tripitaka was written in palm leaf books during the reign of King Walagamba II. This Matale Aluvihare dates back to the reign of Devanampiyatissa before the reign of Walagamba. Evidence of this is not uncommon in the temple. Several inscriptions belonging to the reign of Devanampiyatissa can be seen in this temple. Ven. Mangala Keerthi Sri Saranankara Read More

Jetavanaramaya - Anuradhapura

The Jethavanaramaya was built by King Mahasena of Anuradhapura (276-303) and his son Sirimegawanna. It is believed that this monument was built on the place where Mahinda Maha Thera was cremated. A one meter thick brick wall adjacent to a layer of ash and coal was recently excavated at the stupa. It is believed that this is the chamber where the remains of Mahinda Maha Theru are buried. Read More

Embekke Devalaya
Embekke Devalaya - Kandy

This is a place with a lot of Daruma carvings located in the village of Ambakka in the Kandy District. It is said that this was done by King Wickramabahu III who ruled Gampola for the god Kataragama. It was created by the Delmada archaeologists in the 14th century. It has 32 wooden pillars built on a high rectangular platform. There are 128 panel carvings on its four sides. Read More

Thanthirimale - Anuradhapura

Thanthirimale is one of the oldest settlements in Sri Lanka. A historical place of worship and a beautiful place of worship. Thanthirimale is one of the oldest settlements in Sri Lanka in terms of location and historical background. The Thanthirimale area bears witness to the existence of settlements in Sri Lanka even before Mahinda's arrival. Read More

Nalanda Gedige
Nalanda Gedige - Matale

About halfway along the highway from Matale to Dambulla you will come across Nalanda village which faces the dry zone in the north. In this Nalanda village, in the middle of a paddy field which has now been turned into a reservoir, there are ruins of temples with nuts, which is a historical shrine of archeological value. Read More

Hetadage - Polonnaruwa

Hetadage is another very old building located in the Polonnaruwa District, an ancient city in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. This temple was built in the 11th century by King Vijayabahu I who reigned in the kingdom of Polonnaruwa. Read More

Atadage - Polonnaruwa

Atadage is another very old building located in the Polonnaruwa District, an ancient city in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. This temple was built in the 11th century by King Vijayabahu I who reigned in the kingdom of Polonnaruwa. Read More

Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi
Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi - Anuradhapura

Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi is a sacred fig tree located in the Mahamewa Garden in the Anuradhapura District of the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. This Bo tree is located in Anuradhapura and is the southern branch of the Jayasree Maha Bodhi in South India. Under which Buddha attained Enlightenment. Read More

Isurumuniya Rajamaha Viharaya
Isurumuniya Rajamaha Viharaya - Anuradhapura

Isurumuniya is a Buddhist temple located near Lake Tissa in the Anuradhapura District of the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. The specialty here is the exquisite sculptures. Among them are Isurumuniya lovers, the elephant pond, and the royal family. Read More

Samadhi Buddha Statue
Samadhi Buddha Statue - Anuradhapura

Samadhi Buddha statue is a famous statue in the Mahamevnawa Park in the Anuradhapura District of the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. This Samadhi statue is considered one of the best sculptures of the Anuradhapura era. The Samadhi Statue is a perfect example of a high level of sculpture in Sri Lanka. Read More

Mirisawetiya - Anuradhapura

Mirisawetiya Dagaba was built by King Dutugemunu (161 BC- 137 BC) after the war between King Elara in the city of Anuradhapura which is known as an ancient city as well as a sacred city in the North Central Province. According to legends from history, King Dutugemunu had deposited the relics of the Buddha in his staff and had gone to Tissa Lake to bathe. When I came back after the bath and tried to take the stick, I was unable to take it. Read More

Dalada Maligawa
Dalada Maligawa - Kandy

Dalada Maligawa is located in the Kandy District of the Central Province of Sri Lanka. This is the place where the relic of the tooth of the Buddha. This is the place where the relics of the Lord Buddha are placed. In 1988, the Temple of the Tooth was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It has won the tourist attraction of local as well as foreign tourists. Read More

Sigiriya - Dabulla

Sinhagiri is an ancient rock fort located in the vicinity of Dabulla in the Matale District of the Central Province of Sri Lanka. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has won worldwide tourist attractions. This rock is about 200 meters high. Sigiriya was a palace built by King Kasyapa at that time. The ruins of the palace built on the top of the Sigiriya rock can still be seen. The built-in swimming pool still remains. Read More

Galle Fort
Galle Fort - Galle

Formerly known as "Gimhathiththa", Galle was then a major port city in the country. At the 12th UNESCO World Heritage Sessions held in 1988, the city of Galle, which was declared a World Heritage Site, was full of places like Galle Fort / Galle Lighthouse / Rumassala Kanda. Read More

Postal Holiday Home
Postal Holiday Home - Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya Post Office, one of the oldest post offices in Sri Lanka, was built in 1894 by the British. It is located in the heart of Nuwara Eliya. The Tudor style two storey red brick building is another attraction that attracts visitors to Nuwara Eliya. Read More

Medirigiriya Vatadageya
Medirigiriya Vatadageya - Polonnaruwa

When you think of Polonnaruwa, you are reminded of the vast lakes and ancient ruins that overwhelm the ocean. The most famous of the ruins in the Polonnaruwa district is the Kingdom Ruins and the Stone Temple near Polonnaruwa. But the most spectacular Vatadage in Sri Lanka, located at Medirigiriya, a short distance from Polonnaruwa, is hardly worth visiting by local and foreign tourists visiting Polonnaruwa. Read More

Jaffna Fort
Jaffna Fort - Jaffna

Jaffna Fort faces the Indian Ocean. The fort is located near the Silk Road, a trade route connecting the two West Indies. Therefore, it has become important in international trade both strategically and economically. Jaffna Fort is one of the strongest forts in Asia. The Portuguese arrived in Ceylon in 1505 and fought to capture the coastal areas of Ceylon. Against them. King Sankili of Jaffna Read More

Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya
Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya - Kelaniya

Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya is a place of worship for Sri Lankan Buddhists and a temple where the feet of the Buddha were touched. The Kelani Temple is located along the Kelani River as a testament to the Buddhist tradition of the country. Buddhists believe that the Supreme Buddha visited Kelaniya for the third time during his visit to Ceylon at the invitation of King Mani Akkika Na. Read More

Kirinda Vihara Maha Devi Temple
Kirinda Vihara Maha Devi Temple - Tissamaharama

The Kirinda Maha Viharaya can be reached by traveling about 07 miles on the Tissamaharama - Kirinda road. Kirinda belongs to the Tissamaharama Divisional Secretariat. In ancient times this was called 'Meda Viharaya'. This shrine has an important place in the history of Ruhuna. King Kelani Tissa sacrificed his daughter Vihara Maha Devi to the sea to save the people from the threat of flooding. Read More

Kaludiya Pokuna Forest
Kaludiya Pokuna Forest - Dambulla

Kaludiya Pond is a monastery complex where Arahants used to live in the past. It belongs to the Matale District of the Central Province. There is an ancient dagoba, ponds and monasteries. There are also large caves with dripstones. Different artefacts such as cobblestones and watchtowers can be seen in different places. There is an inscription on the wall of a dripstone cave. It was written in the eighth year of the reign of King Sena II (853 - 857 AD) and is in medieval Sinhala script. Read More

Lovamahapaya - Anuradhapura

Lowamahapaya is a massive nine storied building located between Ruwanweliseya and Sri Mahabodia in the Anuradhapura District, an ancient city in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. This is also known as the Brazen Palace or the Lohaprasada. This building is a prime example of how archaeologically very old and at the highest level of architecture at the time. It was built by King Dutugemunu and is about 400 feet long and has about 1600 pillars. Read More

Jathika Namal Uyana
Jathika Namal Uyana - Anuradhapura

Namal Uyana is a small rocky forest located in the Dambulla area of the Anuradhapura District in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. This is also known as Rosa Thiruwana Kanda. It is also known as the largest ironwood forest in Asia. It is spread over an area of about 260 acres. This also has historical value. It is a beautiful place that attracts local and foreign tourists. Read More

Lankaramaya - Anuradhapura

Built by King Walagamba on an ancient site in the Galhebakade area of Anuradhapura, this stupa is similar in shape to the Thuparamaya. A large number of stone pillars have been found around this place and only a few stone pillars remain today. The stupa is about 10 feet high and 45 feet in diameter. Read More

Mihintale - Anuradhapura

Mihintale is a very old Buddhist temple, rock and reserve located in the Mihintale area in the Anuradhapura District in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. Mihintale is also known as the birthplace of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Read More

Sathmahal Prasadaya
Sathmahal Prasadaya - Polonnaruwa

Sathmahal Prasadaya is an ancient 7 storied building located in the Dalada Maluwa premises in Polonnaruwa, Polonnaruwa District, an ancient city in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. Built by King Parakramabahu the Great between the 11th and 13th centuries Read More

Rankoth Vehera
Rankoth Vehera - Polonnaruwa

Rankoth Vehera is a stupa built by King Nishanka Malla in the Polonnaruwa District, an ancient city in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. Rankoth Vehera is one of the most famous and revered stupas of the Polonnaruwa period. This whole construction has always been brick used.The original height of the stupa is about 200 feet (61 m). Read More

Pothgul Viharaya
Pothgul Viharaya - Polonnaruwa

Potgul Vihara is a library and a monastery complex as per its name. It has now been revealed that it is the oldest such building in the whole of Sri Lanka. Mr. Bell suggested that the building may have been the board house built by King Parakramabahu I to listen to national stories. Such a building has not been found anywhere else in Sri Lanka. Mr Bell said this was a masterpiece of Buddhist architecture. Read More

Gal Viharaya
Gal Viharaya - Polonnaruwa

Gal Viharaya, also known as Uttararamaya is a rock temple situated in the sacred city of Polonnaruwa in the North Central province. The temple was fashioned by king Parakramabahu 1 in the 12th century and it contains four enormous granite figures of Lord Buddha carved into stone, namely: the two seated figures, one standing figure and one reclining figure. Read More

Vatadge - Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa Watadage is an ancient structure belonging to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa in the Polonnaruwa District of the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. According to the legend, this stupa was built by King Nissankamalla who ruled at that time and it is said that the relics of the Buddha were kept in a safe place forever. Read More

Siva Devalaya
Siva Devalaya - Polonnaruwa

Siva Devalaya is an old Kovil in the Polonnaruwa district of the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. This Kovil is the oldest building of the Polonnaruwa period. It dates back to about the 10th century BC. This temple is made entirely of stone. That is why it still exists today as it was originally built. Read More

Seruwawila - Trincomalee

Seruwawila Rajamaha Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist temple located in the Trincomalee District in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. This temple was built by King Kavantissa who reigned in the 2nd century BC. This stupa was built with the Lalata Dathun Wahanse of Lord Buddha. Read More

Halaba Steel Bridge
Halaba Steel Bridge - Badulla

The 'Halaba' Bridge across the Uma Oya in the 'Halaba' area of Uvaparanagama connecting the Uva Paranagama Divisional Secretariat and the Haliela Divisional Secretariat was a wonderful creation made during the British rule. The bridge is constructed entirely of iron and has arches as a bridge for the railways. But nowadays you can see planks instead of sleeping logs. It is 327 feet long and is finished Read More

Dematamal Viharaya
Dematamal Viharaya - Monaragala

Dematamal Viharaya is a unique site of archeological and historical value located in the village of Okkampitiya in the Monaragala District in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. A special place of worship for tourists as well as devotees visiting Monaragala. A special place of worship for tourists as well as devotees visiting Monaragala. And this land is always Arahant a place of merit that was consecrated by the monks Read More

Mahiyanganaya Nagadeepa Viharaya
Mahiyanganaya Nagadeepa Viharaya - Mahiyanganaya

Mahiyanganaya Nagadeepa Viharaya is an ancient temple in the Rideemaliyadda area in the Badulla District in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. The ruins of this temple are located adjacent to the Nagadeepa Reservoir at Rideemaliyadda. Read More

Kadurugoda Temple
Kadurugoda Temple - Jaffna

Kadurugoda temple is a Buddhist temple with 61 dagobas, a small hamlet and archaeological site located in the Chunnakam area in the Jaffna District of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. It is said that the large dagoba here was used for pilgrimage. Read More

National Museum
National Museum - Colombo

The Colombo National Museum is a place where historical, scientific, cultural and aesthetic, valuable items are preserved. Sri Lanka is proud of the Colombo National Museum which is nearly 145 years old. A walk along Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Colombo 7 will see the huge whitewashed building facing the Albert Crescent, the Colombo National Museum. Read More

Hammenhiel Fort
Hammenhiel Fort - Jaffna

Hammondhill Fort is a fort located in Karainagar, Jaffna District in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. The fort was later used as a prison. Now this hotel has been built to experience that prison experience in the same way.None of us want to go to jail. But this is about a hotel where you can really experience what it feels like to be in prison. Read More