Jaffna Fort

Jaffna Fort


Jaffna Fort faces the Indian Ocean. The fort is located near the Silk Road, a trade route connecting the two West Indies. Therefore, it has become important in international trade both strategically and economically. Jaffna Fort is one of the strongest forts in Asia.

The Portuguese arrived in Ceylon in 1505 and fought to capture the coastal areas of Ceylon. Against them. King Sankili of Jaffna, who came to the king in 1519, led the fighting. The ancients conquered Jaffna in 1618 and built a fort. The fort was later rebuilt in 1658 by the Dutch. It was then occupied by the British in 1795.

Traders also came from Arabia in the past, and the remains of the merchandise used at the time are deposited in a museum in the box.

It is said that the rake was kept high enough to be seen from the outside. That is, they may have hoped to reduce crime by making the punishment of offenders visible to the public. It is a valuable antiquities and has been destroyed by some people on the wall. The wall is made of limestone and coral.

No tickets. There is an information counter and a small museum to learn information. The conservation work of the fort is being carried out by the Central Cultural Fund.

Route: Jaffna --> Kayts Road Meet the box when 1-2 arrives.


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