Abhayagiriya Stupa


Abhayagiri Viharaya was built by King Walagamba of Lakdiva in the first century BC. AD It functioned well until the eleventh century. Abhayagiri Vihara is one of the most beautiful temples in Sri Lanka and is the second largest Buddhist sect in Sri Lanka.

This can be included in the category of Buddhist founding universities such as Nalanda, Jagaddala and Wickramashila which existed in ancient India. Foreigners, including King Gunavarman of Kashmir and Chinese monks such as the Fa-hien, came here for religious education. While the Maha Vihara was limited to Theravada, the Abhayagiri allowed for the study and expression of the Heenayana and various Mahayana philosophies of the time. The Abhayagiri inscription of the fifth Kashyapa states that the jewel of the Abhayagiri temple, which was surrounded by four corners, was like a divine plane.

The watchtower, moonstone, Kuttam pond, Samadhi Buddha statue etc. which are prominent among the unique art creations of Sri Lanka are also located in Abhayagiri.



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