Hammenhiel Fort Hotel

Hammenhiel Fort Hotel


Hammondhill Fort is a fort located in Karainagar, Jaffna District in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. The fort was later used as a prison. Now this hotel has been built to experience that prison experience in the same way.None of us want to go to jail. But this is about a hotel where you can really experience what it feels like to be in prison. This is the fort at Karainagar Built as a hotel. This used to be a fort and later used as a prison.

Now, this hotel has been built to experience that prison experience in the same way. This is a place where you can wear prison clothes and experience imprisonment in a fort in the middle of the sea. In addition, those who do not wish to be imprisoned can have separate rooms. This is really a different kind of experience.

Built by the Portuguese in the 17th century to protect the entrance to the Jaffna Lagoon, this hammock fort was later captured by the Dutch and British and now belongs to the Sri Lanka Navy. After the exchange of Navy crew boats, all guests are greeted like royalty by bugle-playing guards in bright blue and gold uniforms before being shown to their room. The old art here is still intact and can be viewed. The four air-conditioned guest rooms feature colonial-style modern bathrooms and upgraded facilities such as satellite TV.


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