The best national park in Sri Lanka

Horton Plains National Park

Horton Plains National Park - Nuwara Eliya

Horton Plains National Park is a protected area in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, covered by montane grasslands and cloud forests, located at an altitude of 2,100 m above sea level, covering an area of 3,169 hectares, giving it an astonishing elevation between the second and third highest mountain ranges in the mountains. The Horton Plains are home to a large number of endemic flora and fauna and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site . The Horton Plains are one of the most important watersheds of all the major rivers in Sri Lanka. Read More

Galway's Land National Park

Gallway's Land National Park - Nuwara Eliya

Galway's Land National Park is a small jungle close to town, you can see the birds if you go in the morning, especially the dark blue Masimara. 2.3 km around. See the wonder of the jungle. This is an old jungle that was not even cut down in the time of the whites. But on sunny days in Nuwara Eliya, it is very dark in the jungle during the rainy season so don't take it with you on those days as it is very dark, this is a safe place so don't be afraid, you can go by any vehicle. Read More

Moon Plains National Park
Moon Plains National Park - Nuwara Eliya

Moon Plains is another beautiful place unknown to most people coming to Nuwara Eliya. Recently opened in Nuwara Eliya Place, this is one of the top tourist attractions. The main attraction here is the 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains and cities, as well as the small end of the world. Read More

Knuckles National Park
Knuckles National Park (Knuckles Mountain Range)

Knuckles Forest Reserve is a natural forest reserve covering Kandy and Matale districts. Ecosystem free from human habitation is also the birthplace of many of Sri Lanka's major water sources. Many endemic plant and animal species are found here. Read More

Lahugala National Park

Lahugala National Park - Pottuvil

Lahugala is the sixth ecologically diverse national park in Sri Lanka. Declared a Sanctuary on July 1, 1966. The present extent of Lahugala National Park is 5,131 hectares. Lahugala National Park is located in the Lahugala Divisional Secretariat Division in the Pottuvil Electorate in the Ampara District of the Eastern Province. Read More

Kumana National Park - Panama
Kumana National Park - Panama

Kumana National Park is one of the most scenic national parks in Sri Lanka. It is also popular as a bird sanctuary and as being home to some of the largest mammals found in the bordering, Yala National Park - Sri Lanka. Which national forest is known as the Paradise of Birds. Read More

Angammedilla National Park

Angammedilla National Park - Polonnaruwa

Angamedilla National Park is located about half an hour from Polonnaruwa, a historic town bordering the Angamedilla Canal in the south. Compared to the long list of protected areas in Sri Lanka. Read More

Minneriya National Park
Minneriya National Park - Polonnaruwa

The Minneriya National Park is located 15.8 km from the village of Minneriya, a small village 6 km east of the village of Habarana in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Polonnaruwa District. Read More

Angammedilla National Park

Angammedilla National Park - Polonnaruwa

Angamedilla National Park is located about half an hour from Polonnaruwa, a historic town bordering the Angamedilla Canal in the south. Compared to the long list of protected areas in Sri Lanka. Read More

Minneriya National Park
Minneriya National Park - Polonnaruwa

The Minneriya National Park is located 15.8 km from the village of Minneriya, a small village 6 km east of the village of Habarana in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Polonnaruwa District. Read More

Kaudulla National Park

Kaudulla National Park - Polonnaruwa

Kaudulla National Park is located in a land area of 6900 hectares in the Polonnaruwa District of the North Central Province. It is located 22 km north of the nearest city, Habarana. The elephant population in this reserve is over 200. Elephants can be seen in one of these parks at any time of the year. Read More

Hurulu Eco Park
Hurulu Eco Park - Habarana

Hurulu Eco Park in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka covers 25,000 hectares north of Habarana. The park is a pioneer in providing temporary shelter for herds of elephants passing through the Mineria and Kaudalla National Parks. Hurulu Echo Perk belongs to the dry evergreen forests of the arid zone of Sri Lanka. Read More

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a national park covering an area of 11,250 hectares in the range of 300-1170 m high in the Rakwana Range in the southwestern part of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. It borders the Galle District. It has received international attention and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Read More

Kanneliya Rainforest
Kanneliya Rainforest - Galle

Kanneliya Rainforest is located about 35 km from Galle town. Kanneliya Forest is a part of the Kanneliya - Dediyagala - Nakiyadeniya (KDN) Forest Complex. Spread over an area of 6144 hectares, the Kanneliya Forest is a good place to visit for anyone who loves greenery. The Kanneliya forest can be easily reached via the Koralegama - Kanneliya road. Read More

Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe National Park - Udawalawe

Udawalawe National Park is located on the border of Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces. Udawalawe National Park is the sixth largest animal sanctuary in Sri Lanka. Udawalawe National Park is the best place to see wild and Asian elephants in Sri Lanka. Udawalawe National Park is the main water source in the Udawalawe Reservoir. Read More

Lunugamvehera National Park
Lunugamvehera National Park - Hambantota

Lunugamvehera National Park is spread over an area of 24,000 hectares in the Lunugamvehera area in the Southern Province. Lunugamvera National Park has been established for the protection of elephants migrating from Yala to Udawalawe National Park. The climate of Lunugamvera National Park is rich in dry mixed forest biodiversity. Read More

Yala National Park

Yala National Park - Hambantota

Yala National Park is located in the southeastern part of Sri Lanka and is also known as Ruhuna National Park. It covers more than two provinces namely the Hambantota District of the Southern Province and the Moneragala District of the Uva province. Read More

Bundala national park
Bundala national park - Hambantota

Bundala National Park covers an area of 6216 acres in the Hambantota District in the Southern Province and consists mainly of dry thorn bushes, swamps, swamps, and lagoons. The terrain is flat with sand dunes bordering the coast. Read More

Anawilundawa Bird Sanctuary

Anawilundawa Bird Sanctuary - Puttalam

The second Ramsar wetland in the country has been the talk of the town in recent days. This wetland is located in the Arachchikattuwa area of Puttalam. Covering an area of 1357 hectares, this wetland was declared a National Sanctuary on June 11, 1997. In this ecological zone, About 78 species of butterflies, as well as endangered leopards, wild cats Read More

Wilpattu National Park
Wilpattu National Park - Anuradhapura

Wilpattu National Park is the oldest and largest national park in Sri Lanka, covers an area of 131,500 hectares. Wilpattu National Park stretches from the northwest coast towards the ancient capital of Anuradhapura. Spread across the border between the North-Western and North Central Provinces, Wilpattu is one of the oldest and most important protected Read More

Wasgamuwa National Park

Wasgamuwa National Park - Matale and Polonnaruwa Districts

Wasgamuwa was named Walasgamuwa due to its abundance of bears and Walasgamuwa later came to be known as Wasgamuwa. Wasgamuwa National Park is one of the oldest forests in Sri Lanka. The forest is spread over three provinces and mainly two districts. Read More

Muthurajawela Visitor Centre
Muthurajawela Visitor Centre - Negombo

Muthurajawela is a marshy land area of 3,068 hectares in the coastal wetland ecosystem located in the Negombo District of the Western Province of Sri Lanka. It has been named as one of the 12 priority wetlands in Sri Lanka at present. Read More

Nilgala Makara Pivisuma

Galaoya National Park Nilgala - Ampara

The Nilgala Makara Pivisuma, which belongs to both the Department of Wildlife Conservation and the Department of Forest Conservation, is located on the border of the Galaoya National Park near the town of Uva and Ampara in the Eastern Province. The total land area is about 26,000 hectares. Read More

Galaoya National Park (Galaoya)
Galaoya National Park - Bibile

Galaoya is a another wonderful gift of nature that brings relief to the mind as well as the body. It is the 16th longest river in South east Sri Lanka. The length is 108 km (67 miles). Galaoya is a beautiful natural place with several small swimming pools flowing through the Galaoya reserve. Read More

Kudumbigala Sanctuary

Kudumbigala Sanctuary - Pottuvil

Situated on a beautiful rock in the middle of a very quiet natural reserve about 22KM from Yala Kumana Sanctuaries in the Eastern Province and about 22 km from Pottuvil, Ampara, this is a place of worship where the monks meditate. Read More

Thangamale Bird Sanctuary
Thangamale Bird Sanctuary - Haputale

Thangamale Sanctuary is another beautiful place to visit in Haputale. It is located in the Beragala area near the town of Haputale. This is a bird sanctuary and you can come here for long walks and views of the mountains. Read More

Horagolla National Park

Horagolla National Park - Nittambuwa

Horagolla National Park is a beautiful forest trail that can be reached by visiting Nittambuwa on Colombo Kandy Road and a short distance from Nittambuwa to Pinnagolla on Veyangoda Road. This is the only national park in the Gampaha district. The park is managed by the Sri Lanka Wildlife Department. This forest park is a forest ecosystem spread over an area of about 33 acres. Horagolla National Park belongs to the lowland wet zone evergreen forest category. Read More

Makandawa Rain Forest
Makandawa Rain Forest - Kitulgala

Makandawa Rain Forest is the oldest rainforest in Sri Lanka and is located close to Kitulgala in the Kegalle District of the Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka. Covers an area of 1155 hectares. Makandawa Reserve has been declared as a Forest of about 192 hectares by Gazette Notification No. 5911 dated 11th September 1903. Expanding as a forest system associated with the Kelani Valley Reserve, the Makandawa Reserve is a watershed forest on the Kelani River Read More

Udawatta Kele Sanctuary

Udawatta Kele Sanctuary - Kandy

Udawatta Kele Sanctuary is 275 acres in size. It is known as the Udawatte Forest Royal Park. It is said that the kings who ruled the kingdom of Kandy in the past used to rest in Udawatta Kele Sanctuary. It is also said that the jungle provided food for the elephants at the Temple of the Tooth. King Panditha Parakramabahu who ruled Kurunegala is said to have settled in Udawatta Kele Sanctuary. Read More

Kottawa Reserve Forest
Kottawa Reserve Forest - Kitulgala

Kottawa Reserve Forest is located at a distance of 21 km from the city of Galle in the Galle District of the Southern Province, it is a beautiful, tranquil and cool lowland evergreen ecosystem. Situated at an altitude of 50-300 m above sea level, this reserve is also known as Punchi Sinharaja. To see the Kottawa Reserve Forest you have to enter the entrance of the reserve which you will find Read More