Kanneliya Rain Forest

Kanneliya Rain Forest


Kanneliya Rain Forest is a forest located in the Galle District of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Located about 35 miles away. Spread over an area of 6144 hectares, the Kannelia Forest is an ideal place for anyone who loves wildlife.

Kanneliya National Park: Kanneliya Rain Forest is part of the Kannelia - Dediyagala - Nakiyadenia (KDN) Forest Complex. The KDN Forest Complex is the last large rainforest in Sri Lanka except for Sinharaja. The Rain Forest Complex was designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2004. Kanneliya is one of the most valuable forest resources in South Asia. The Hora caste can be identified as the predominant plant species in the Kanneliya forest. Due to large-scale logging in the past, most of this forest is still a secondary forest. 301 species of plants have been recorded from the Kanneliya forest. These plant species include plants, shrubs, and herbs, 25% of which are endemic to Sri Lanka.

Route The Kanneliya forest can be easily reached via the Koralegama - Kanneliya road. This road is narrow enough for vehicles to cross the Udugama - Hiniduma main road. This road goes to the Kanneliya forest and ends in front of the main entrance near the Nannikitha canal.

Kanneliya Visiting places:
  • Cave Trail - 1.6 km (1 hour)
  • Anagimale Ella Waterfall - 2.5 km (3 hours)
  • Narangas Ella Waterfall - 5.4 km (6 hours)
  • Elephant Creeper (Yodha Puswela) - 2.5 km (3 hours)
  • Giant navel tree - 3.8 km (3 hours)
  • Kabbale Mountain Trail - 5.5 km (6 hours)
  • Malamura Waterfall
Best time to visit in year:
  • Dazzling waterfalls: December to February
  • Hikers: March, April, August, and September
Open hours: 8.00am to 5.00pm

Kanneliya Rain Forest Contact Number: 0778416560

Kanneliya Rain Forest Ticket Price: The Kannelia Rainforest is under the control of the Sri Lanka Forest Department. There is a charge for visiting this reserve. The Kannelia Ticket Counter, owned by the Forest Department, is open daily at 8 p.m.
  • Foreign Adult - Rs 638.25
  • Foreign Child - Rs 321.90
Kanneliya Rain Forest Guide Charges:
  • Up to Anagimala Ella path - Rs 800
  • Up to Narangas Ella path - Rs 1600
  • Up to Kunakatukanda path - Rs 1600
  • Kambalekanda path - Rs 1600
  • Up to Nawadagasa path - Rs 1600
Kanneliya Rain Forest Weather:
  • Temperature: 27.0C
  • Rainfall: 3750mm
  • Main water supplement: Gin Ganga River
Waterfalls in the Kanneliya Rain Forest: There are several waterfalls in and around the Kanneliya Rain Forest.
  • Anagimale Ella Waterfall - Located near the entrance to the forest reserve
  • Narangas Ella Waterfall - Located just inside the forest
  • Malamura Waterfall - Pannagala village is located a few kilometers away from the Kannelia forest reserve
Hiking Place in the Kanneliya Rain Forest: Kabbale Mountain - The route through 'Naranjas' Ella. The gigantic 'Nevada' tree is.

The giant navel tree in Kanneliya: Kanneliya Rain Forest a collection of plant communities that were born after decades of massive state-sponsored deforestation, hence it is known as a Secondary Forest.
  • 90% of the trees are over three decades old
  • Undeterred by deforestation, Occasionally encountered a forest
  • Kanneliya is the giant of the genus Nava. It is said to be approximately 600 years old, This vast forest is a fascinating sight for eco-lovers. If the life expectancy data here is correct,
  • When the Portuguese landed in Ceylon in 1505, This giant is about 100 years young
  • It's amazing how history can be hidden and kept quiet
Accommodation: There are several places where you can get accommodation in Kanneliya Reserve.
  • Kanneliya Forest Resort contact number: 0915 671 867
  • Kanneliya Mount Resort: +94772090457 / +94714048195
Special remark: If you ever visit Kanneliya Rain Forest, keep in mind the beauty of this great forest and how to avoid harming its wildlife.

Kanneliya Map

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