Pahanthudawa Waterfall
Pahanthudawa Waterfall - Belihuloya

Pahanthudawa Waterfall is another unique creation among the waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The reason is its location and nature. This waterfall is also known as Pahanthudawa due to its natural location. The waterfall that falls into this waterfall is in the shape of a lamp. The water falls from the waterfall into the pool like a lamp screen. Hence the name Pahanthudawa Falls. Read More

Surathali Ella
Surathali Ella - Belihuloya

Surathali Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in the Ratnapura District. It is easily accessible from the Colombo-Badulla main road and is within walking distance of the main road. The upper part of the waterfall can be viewed from the main road. This waterfall is 60 meters high and 2 meters wide and consists of 2 parts. Surathali Falls is the 49th tallest waterfall in the island. Read More

Nagrak Holiday Bungalow

Nagrak Holiday Bungalow - Belihuloya

Nagrak is a bungalow on the Nanperil Estate. This estate is located close to Belihuloya. Strictly speaking. This is the tea garden below us when we go to see the end of the world. In fact, this estate is as big as the end of the world from the bottom up. Route:After passing Belihuloya on the Colombo-Badulla road for a few kilometers you will come across the road to Nanperial Estate. Read More

Kuragala Buddhist Monastery
Kuragala Buddhist Monastery - Balangoda

Kuragala Buddhist Monastery is one of the oldest Buddhist ruins in Sri Lanka. Dating to the early second century. This is a place named as an Archaeological Reserve located in the Balangoda area. This is also known as the oldest archeological site found in Sri Lanka. This temple is located in the Balangoda Read More

Hawagala - Belihuloya

Hawagala is located at an elevation of 1330 m above sea level in the Sabaragamuwa Province. The nearest town is Belihuloya. It is about 4.2 km from Belihuloya town. It is a bit difficult to climb the famous Hawagala mountain for camping. There is a similar folklore to Hawagala in the mountain range in the Belihuloya area. Legend has it that King Rawana pierced a rabbit while he was on his way from 'Patupavakahinna Kanda' Read More


Gongala mountain is the highest mountain in the Sabaragamuwa Province. Gongala Kanda in the Ratnapura District is 1357 meters high and is the 15th highest mountain in Sri Lanka. The name Gongala is derived from the fact that Mount Gongala takes the shape of a deer. The summit of Gongala mountain is not the Gongala view point and you can see the highest point of the Gongala mountain range just beyond it. Read More

Bakers Bend
Bakers Bend - Balangoda

About 18 km from Balangoda town on the A4 road towards Badulla you will come across the Nanperial area. The starting point of the Nanperial Road is called Nanperial Junction and starting from that junction the Nanperial area takes you to a different beautiful world. Going up this road we can see the Baker's Bend, the viewing point. Located at an elevation of 1700 m (5000 ft) above sea level, this scenic spot offers Read More

Suriyakanda - Ratnapura

There are plenty of beautiful secluded trails on this small village that attract the attention of tourists. This 16 km road from Rakwana to Suriyakanda is located on the eastern border of Sinharaja. It can be identified as an area with a very mild climate as well as a foggy environment surrounded by beautiful mountains. This route through the mountains and waterfalls across the Springwood Estate is sometimes referred Read More

Duwili Ella Waterfall
Duwili Ella Waterfall - Kaltota - Balangoda

Duwili Ella Waterfall or Walawe Ganga East Falls is a waterfall located in the village of Thanjatenna, about 4 km from Balangoda in the Ratnapura District of Sri Lanka. The height of the waterfall is about 40 meters. Duwili Ella Waterfall is located in the Rajawaka Reserve which covers an area of 5536.69 hectares at the border of Uva Province and Sabaragamuwa Province. Duwili Ella Waterfall belongs to the dry zone of Sri Lanka according to the climatic conditions. Read More

Galapitiyaya Waterfall
Galapitiyaya Waterfall

Galapitiyaya Estate is one of the fascinadoras destinations in the map of the tourist of the world. This is a private estate with some very scenic views. Out of these, the following 3 places take a special place. Galapitagala human figure, Galapitiyaya Waterfall (Nidahangala Waterfall), Blue pond. Route No. 01 A short distance from the Kalupahana junction on the Colombo - Badulla main road to the Bambarakanda waterfall, you will find the name plate 'Galapitiyaya Estate' Read More

Rajanawa Ella - Ratnapura
Rajanawa Ella - Ratnapura

Rajanawa Falls and the bathing spot are now very popular among tourists. Legend has it that King Walagamba used to bathe in a waterfall. Therefore, this waterfall has been called Rajanewa Falls in the early days. Later Rajanewa Falls became Rajana Falls. Rajnewa Falls, which is about 10 meters high, falls into a beautiful rocky outcrop with a breathtaking view. It is also possible to travel to the upper part of Rajanewa Falls. Read More

Dumpussella - Ratnapura

Dumpussella is another beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka and is the widest waterfall in the Ratnapura District. Dumpussella is located on the Ratnapura Siripagama Road, 19 km from Ratnapura town, bordering the Induruwa Reserve. Dumpussella The Indur River, which originates in the western foothills of Gilimale, is fed by a number of tributaries and is formed on the reef bordering the Induruwa Reserve. Read More

Diva Guhava
Diva Guhava

Batathota Junction at 07 km (07 km) on the Kuruwita Erathna Siripa Road in the Kuruwita Divisional Secretariat Division in the Ratnapura District. From there turn left on the Nanda Ellawala road for 3 km and there are many large boulders that can be seen from above and in the middle of it there is a large rock in which the Diva Guhava or Batatotalena Cave temple is located. Read More


Considered to be the Batadombalena Cave, this beautiful place has a cave and a beautiful waterfall. It is considered to be inhabited by ancient humans. Located in the Kuruwita area in the Ratnapura District, it is one of the most important archeological sites in Sri Lanka where evidence of prehistoric man has been found. This cave is located at an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level. Read More

Hunugal Pokuna
Hunugal Pokuna

"Hunugal Pokuna" is a tourist attraction located in the Kaltota Rajatenna area in Balangoda. "Hunugal Pokuna" in Balangoda Rajawaka reserve. This is a beautiful pond located in a valuable ecosystem full of natural vegetation. The water is very clean. Villagers in the area say it was discovered around 2001. Read More


Belihuloya is a beautiful village located in the Ratnapura District of the Sabaragamuwa Province. It is located 150 km east of Colombo and 616M above sea level. It consists of dry and wet zones as well as mountainous and lowland areas at an altitude of less than 1500 m. As a result, it consists of wet semi-evergreen forests, tropical forests, dry deciduous grasslands and mountainous Read More

Waulpane Cave
Waulpane Cave

"Waulpane Cave is located in the village of Vavulpane in a beautiful environment in the Kamburugamuwa Grama Niladhari Division of the Kolonna Divisional Secretariat in the Ratnapura District. Looking at this cave shows a mysterious and frightening nature. As we passed through the stream flowing in front of the cave and entered the mouth of the cave, we first felt the unbearable sound Read More

Alupola Ella
Alupola Ella

Alupola Falls, located at one end of the Sabaragamuwa Butterfly Reserve, is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Ratnapura. It is the most beautiful road from Ratnapura town to Balangoda on the Wewelwatta - Rassagala road. It is about 3 km past Wewelwatta town. The name of this waterfall is Alupola Falls based on the name of the Alupola estate where the waterfall is located. Among the many large and small waterfalls in the vicinity of Ratnapura, this waterfall is 68 meters. Read More

Beruwatta Ella Falls
Beruwatta Ella Falls - Ratnapura

Beruwatta Falls is another beautiful waterfall in Ruwanpura from Wewelwatta town, 30 km from Ratnapura town on the Wewelwatta road. After 2km on Balangoda road you will come across Beruwatta Falls. Read More

Diyavini Ella Falls
Diyavini Ella Falls - Balangoda

Diyavini Ella Falls is a beautiful 60 meter high waterfall located in the Kaltota area of Balangoda in the Ratnapura District of the Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka. Diyavini Ella Falls is the 37th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. This waterfall is called Diyavini Ella because it is a waterfall that cascades down like a single straight pole. This was later changed to Diyavini Ella for ease of pronunciation. Read More

Budugala Rajamaha Viharaya
Budugala Rajamaha Viharaya - Balangoda

Budugala Rajamaha Viharaya is a temple located in the Balangoda Kaltota area in the Ratnapura District of the Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka and is associated with many ancient heritage sites of ancient archaeological value. This sacred place got this name this is how it came to be known as 'Budugala' due to the presence of a bright Buddha made of gold in a cave. Read More

Samanalawewa - Belihuloya

Samanalawewa is located in the Uda Walawe Basin. It is located at the confluence of the Walawe River and Belihuloya Dam, at an elevation of 400 m (1,300 ft) above sea level, close to the town of Balangoda and 160 km from the capital Colombo. Samanala Wewa is primarily used for hydropower generation in Sri Lanka. Read More