Panavitiya Ambalama

Panavitiya Ambalama


Panavitiya Ambalama is one of the oldest Ambalams with valuable wood carvings found in Sri Lanka. It is built near the Sri Lankathilakaramaya Temple in Dikirikewe, Panavitiya. It is said that the Panavitiya Ambalama was built on the instructions of King Parakramabahu II and under the supervision of His Majesty the King.

This Ambalama also has a legend. Legend has it that during the reign of King Parakramabahu II, his son Prince Vijayaba, who had gone to quell a rebellion in the country, was returning from a stampede when he was struck by an arrow poisoned by a cobra and was cured at Ambalama. Therefore, it is said that at that time this place was known as Panavitiya and later as Panavitiya.

It is said that after this incident it was customary for the king to visit Panavitiya while touring the area and an embalm was built here for the king to rest.

According to another legend, this Ambalama was created by the son of the artist who created the wedding hall in Kandy. Although it is said that this Ambalama was built during the reign of King Dambadeniya, the critics are of the opinion that the architectural features of the Kandyan period can be seen here.

Going according to the Tampita house model, on four wooden planks set on four strong stone walls of the earth, The Panavitiya Ambalama has been built. To prevent rainwaterlogging, to protect the building from insects, to protect it from animals such as nocturnal residents and snakes, and to facilitate maintenance. Ambalama has been built a little higher than the ground.

The joints of the roof of the Ambalama can be seen and the wood carvings are also painted.


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