Madulsima Mini World's End

Madulsima Mini World's End


The most popular Madulsima Mini World's End sword top for camping above the clouds. It is a village in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. The highest part of the mountain belongs to the Robbery Estate. It is located at 2300-3400 feet above sea level. The highlight of Madulsima World's End is the view of a large plain from the foot of the mountain to the east coast.

The mountain range is always foggy in the mornings and evenings and on well-sunny days it is possible to see clear views of the mountains from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. There is always a very good climate.

Named the Pitamaruwa Mini Worlds End, the place is home to the lush tea plantations of the area. The harvested tea leaves are collected and transported from this place. Legend has it that the place was renamed "Pitamaruwa" because it was a place where tea boxes were transported and transferred from one place to another.

On a clear day one can visit Kandy , Meegahakiula, Nagadeepa Lake, Mahiyangana, Ulhitiya, Sora Bora Lake, Bibile, Kotagama Village,Batticaloa , Ampara, Senanayake Reservoir, Moneragala, Passara and Badulla. This mountain range that stretches for many kilometers is the eastern slope of the central hills of Sri Lanka and is the ruler of Badulla and Moneragala.

A spectacular view of several waterfalls such as Umang Oya, Bambarabotuwa and Kekunagala.

In addition to the main World's End site in the Horton Plains, there are four other popular sights in the mountains of central Sri Lanka.
  1. Madolsima Mini World's End
  2. Selagama Mini World's End
  3. Pitawala Pathana Mini World's End
  4. Deanston Mini World's End
There are two roads leading to Madulsima village
  1. Madulsima road from Passara town - The path is easy
  2. Starting from Meegahakiula town on the Badulla-Mahiyangana road - The road is very difficult and the distance is quite long
How to reach: The closest city to this place is Madulsima.

Madolsima Mini World's End Hight: Is 2300-3400 above sea level.

Traveling Time: 2 h 2 min (51.9 km) via Ella --> Passara --> Madulsima --> Metigahatenna

Transport: Trishaw , Bike , Tea lorry , Public transport

Weather: Overcast conditions with lot of mist

Best time to visit: During August

Route : Monaragala --> Nakkala --> Badalkumbura --> Passara --> Medawalagama --> Madulsima --> Cocogalla --> Elamanna --> Ekiriya --> Metigahatenna --> Madulsima --> Kohonnewela --> Madulsima --> Cocogolla --> Elamanna --> Rathkele --> Roeberry--> Pitamaruwa --> Sooriyagolla

Distance from Ella - 51.6 km (2 hours 14 minutes)

From Ella : Along the Ella - Passara Road passing Kumbalwela up to Passara. From there travel along the Passara - Madulsima - Metigahatenna Road until Madulsima.

Colombo to Madulsima : 6 h 6 min (375.6 km) via Southern Expy/E01

Famous for:
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Scenery
  • Waterfall hunting
  • Enjoy nature
  • Sightseeing
  • Photography
Special Remark:
  • Since there is no place to buy clean water and food, take as much food, water and medicine as you need.
  • No accommodation to be found around Madulsima
  • Road condition is terrible after Cocogalla
  • Be careful as leeches are common
  • There is a bus from Passara (6.30am) which you can go to Cocogalla and walk about 4kms to reach Pitamaruwa Mini Worlds End
  • Need 4wd or a trishaw (they charge Rs: 1500/= to take you to worlds end from Madulsima)


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