Port City Colombo

port city colombo


Port city colombo is by far the largest private sector development under construction in Sri Lanka. It includes infrastructure, housing, schools, offices, hotels, and commercial space for 70,000 residents. Job opportunities are emerging for nearly 200,000 workers. According to the project company, the land reclamation work has already been completed and the construction phase is scheduled to begin in 2021 and be completed by 2041.

Colombo port city latest news: In December you can visit the port city. It is now 7 years since this new port city project which was started to be built on the sea in 2014. Now a lot of work is done here. Built for the benefit of people of all walks of life, both local and foreign, this wonderful city will be a wonderful experience for Sri Lankans. This Port City project will add another 233 hectares to the total land area of Sri Lanka. Of this, 170 hectares have been identified as cultivable lands and the remaining 63 hectares have been set aside as public facilities for future waterways, roads and parks. An attractive garden lane has been constructed to allow access from the area in front of the President's Office to the Central Park towards the sea.

Port city colombo was established with the objective of bringing investment to Sri Lanka. To achieve this objective, the project has designed various schemes to encourage such investments. The Colombo Port City project, which is expected to be the gateway to South Asia in the future, has already laid the foundations for a new city as well as an international financial hub. Economic analysts say the port city project will contribute more to Sri Lanka's post-epidemic economic recovery.

The best things you can do in a port city colombo :
  • Super breezy, beautiful scenery and a beautiful beach
  • Super Laxury Yochting
  • Maritime Super Highway
  • Geographical Jackpot
  • Gateway to China and India
  • Lesure Activity
  • Financial City Hub
  • Commercial establishments and private houses
New facilities to be constructed :
  • Medical Tourism. Best hospital
  • International Schools
  • Entertainment and theme resort.City tourism
  • Convention Centre
  • Auditorium
Port city colombo offers nearly 100,000 super jobs to Sri Lankans and provides an excellent service of technology, financial services, insurance, etc. in South Asia.


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