Wewurukannala Viharaya

Wewurukannala Viharaya


There is a large Buddha statue in this temple which is 160 feet high. There are 3 Buddha houses in this temple. The oldest Buddhist temple was built in 1870. In this house there is a sleeping idol and in addition there are statues of Agra disciples and various instances of Jataka stories and different characters of the Buddha are depicted here. The relics of the Buddha and his disciples are kept in the da gaba located in this Wewurukannala temple.

The largest clock in Sri Lanka can also be seen at this Wewurukannala viharaya. Wewurukannala viharaya is a place of worship that is highly revered by the Wewurukannala temple.

Route:Take the 22 km main road from Matara to Tangalle and turn left towards the new Beliatta road (turn left when coming from Matara) and you will come across the Wewrukannala buduraja maha viharaya. There are parking facilities in the Wewurukannala temple.

History: The history of Wewurukannala Raja Maha Viharaya goes back to the Rajadhirajasinghe era in Kandy.



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