Nelligala Temple

Nelligala Temple


Nelligala Temple located in the village of Murutalawa, 700 km above sea level, 11 km from Kandy town and 7 km from Peradeniya town. Nelligala temple which was started in the year 2015 is a temple situated on the top of the Nelligala rock which is surrounded by the Alagalla, Hanthana, Hunnasgiriya, Batalegala and Atipala mountain ranges. Nelligala International Buddhist Center is a sacred place in the truest sense of the word.

The newly constructed Sri Sumana Saman Deva statue in Sabaragamuwa adds another splendor to the sacred area. Nelligala Sumana Saman statue a place of worship that everyone should go to. You can also pay homage to the majestic and majestic statue of Lord Sumana Saman, an Aryan disciple built at the Nelligala International Buddhist Center, mounted on a white elephant, a luxury vehicle, from the summit of Samantha Girihisa.

Nelligala Temple provides the opportunity for weddings and the venue can be reserved for that.

History Of Nelligala Temple: The Nelligala Sacred Area was created in 2014 by conserving a scrub forest. It should be specially mentioned that the forest has been conserved here. It took six years of dedication to build this sacred place in the middle of the blue mountain range. The statues and designs here are golden in color and the bodhi tree in a large bowl of gold is special. The seventy feet high bubble-shaped pagoda stands out among other creations of gold on a blue background. Another surprise is that the stupa was completed in three months.

Nelligala temple location : Muruthalawa village in the Kandy district of Sri Lanka.

Distance from Kandy : 12.3 km (26 minutes)

open hours : 12.3 km (26 minutes)

Contact Information:
  • Nelligala temple contact number: 0117 373 730
  • Nelligala temple address: Kobbekaduwa, Murutalawa 20232, Nelligala Rd, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Best time to visit: Morning or evening time even at night

There are two ways to reach Nelligala International Buddhist Center
The Kiribathkumbura road is a good choice because the road is in good condition and easy to find
  1. Pilimatalawa --> Neligala International Buddhist Center
  2. Kiribathkumbura --> Neligala International Buddhist Center
Rout: Kandy --> Gannoruwa --> Murutalawa Road --> Murutalawa --> Turn towards the Kurugama --> Tea Factory --> Muruthalwa --> continue along this road and turn onto --> Nelgala Road --> Neligala International Buddhist Center.

Special remark:
  • Allowed to location for wedding photography
  • It is a very quiet place with ample parking space for visitors.
  • It has been constructed in accordance with international standards
  • There is a large car park
  • Weekends are also holidays
  • Not suitable for sunny days
  • Since it is a temple, dress accordingly. Of course you should go there and worship
  • It is better to go to see this during the day than at night

Nelligala temple Google-Map

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