Nagadeepa is the highest place for Buddhists in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Nagadeepa is an island surrounded by the sea, about 32 km from the city of Jaffna.

Nagadeepa sacred area where the Supreme Buddha visited for the second time Dutugemunu, Saddhatissa etc. who ruled in Sri Lanka history records that kings protected and cared for them during their reigns.

During the Portuguese, Dutch and English rule many temples in Ceylon were destroyed. During that period, the Nagadeepa temple was also destroyed due to their influence. Nagadeepa has been worshiped by Buddhists for as long as 400 years Nagadeepa lost and could not find a place to stay. In the year 1931 Ambalangoda, The great Thero Somasiri Tissa of Randombe suffered a lot the great ones who came to Jaffna and found Nagadeepa and lost to the Buddhists a shrine was re-cleared for pilgrimage. After a tumultuous life for nearly 30 years after the July 1983 riots, the Chief Prelate took care of the Nagadeepa Temple by taking care of the four sides of the Navy.


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