Blackpool is a natural spring water body located close to the city of Badulla. The source of this natural pool is a stream that flows from the western slope of the Namunukula mountain range.

This water falls into the Badulu Oya, a tributary of the Mahaweli, flows around the city of Badulla and joins the Mahaweli below the Rantambe between the Uma Oya and the Loggal Oya.

Location : The northern latitudes of the model globe are 06 55'34'' and the eastern longitude is 81 6'3''. It is 1031 meters above sea level.

Route : On the way from Bandarawela to Badulla, take the Demodarin Spring Valley Road. Get around 11 and get to Spring Valley (these days the road is being carpeted and alternate routes have to be used). If not, go from Badulla to Spring Valley. There are buses.

The Blackpool Temple is located about 1 km from Blackpool Road near the Clock Tower in Spring Valley. Vehicles must be parked at that location. From there, take the stairs to the left for about 500 meters and you will find the natural pool. If arriving by train, get off at Demodara Railway Station. Or you can visit Badulla.

Care should be taken while bathing. There have also been several deaths in the past. Protecting the environment.

Located in: Spring Valley
Traveling Time: 23 min (11.7 km) Wellawaya Town to Blackpool


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