Jubili Ambalama

Jubili Ambalama


Jubilee Ambalama is located in the Ruwanwella area in the Kegalla District of the Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka. This is considered to be the largest Ambalam among the old Ambalam in Sri Lanka. The background of the construction of the Ambalama is stated on the plaque as follows. The Ambalama was built by her Sri Lankan friends in memory of Lily Harriet Davidson, the wife of the Assistant Agent who ruled the Kegalle District between 1892 and 1896.

Since Lily died in 1901, Ambalama may have been built after that. Ruwanwella Jubilee Ambalama is built on 16 wooden pillars with strong beams and the back part consists of two rooms. The wooden pillars are decorated with ornate designs and carvings.

The timber is made of jack wood and the roof is tiled and has two towers. According to the legend of the construction of the Ambalama, the local friends of the Assistant Agent who initiated the construction of the Ambalama donated a jackfruit tree to each of the wooden poles and it is noteworthy that the names of the donors were mentioned on each wooden pillar.

It is clear that not only the donation of jackfruit trees but also the burden of constructing this monument may have been borne by them. Among those who contributed were Mr. Mapitigama Rate, Mr. Nugawela Rate, Mr. Mideniye Rate, Eknaligoda Korale, Parusselle Korale, Batangala Korale, Munasinghe Arachchi, Imbulane Arachchi, Hathagoda Arachchi, Helawagga Korale, Wendala Korale, Charles Emerald. Is one of the aristocracy. Only a few of these nameplates remain today.

Legend has it that brick masons were brought from Gadaladeniya to build the Ambalama. By the time the Jubilee Ambalama was being built at the dawn of the twentieth century, Raja Mawatha, which stretched from Colombo to Kandy via Ruwanwella, had fallen into disuse in 1832. But there is no doubt that Ambalama was very useful for travelers traveling to Veyangoda and Kegalle via Ruwanwella.



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