Sri Lanka Planetarium

Sri Lanka Planetarium


Sri Lanka Planetarium is the first and only planetarium located in the Colombo District in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. The planetarium was inaugurated on February 1, 1965. The planetarium offers educational and other astronomical shows for science enthusiasts. Up to 500 people can visit one of the tours. This place is an ideal destination for students who want to explore science as well as learn about the interplanetary system.

Entrance Ticket Details:
  • Ticket Price : LKR 100
  • Tuesday to Friday: Kids under 12 years of age with school uniform - LKR 30
  • Saturday: Kids under 12 years of age with school uniform - LKR 50
Best time to visit Sri Lanka Planetarium: 10.00am to 1.00 pm

Contact Number: +94-112586499

Opening hours:
  • Tuesday 8:30am to 4.00pm
  • Wednesday 8:30am to 4.00pm
  • Thursday 8:30am to 4.00pm
  • Friday 8:30am to 4.00pm
  • Saturday 8:30am to 4.00pm
  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday Closed

Sri Lanka Planetarium map

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