Madu River Safari


Madu Ganga, located in the Balapitiya area of the Southern Province, is a popular tourist destination for those who are interested in Sri Lanka's ecology and biodiversity. We can imagine that there are many rivers in Sri Lanka. But one can only wonder why the Madugaga, which starts from a hilltop in the Uragasmanhandiya area and travels a short distance of about six miles, is so important to Sri Lanka and attracts so many local and foreign tourists.

The unique feature of Maduga is that it has created many islands in the environment. It is said that there are 64 islands. Some say that only 25 islands remain. However, no tourist on the Maduga River cares about the number of islands. This is because they do not feel the need to go to all those islands. This is because of the charm of the islands, which are different, with different functions and ecological features.

Kurudhu Duwa, Koth Duwa, Ma Duwa, Dik Duwa, Thal Duwa, Kadapana Duwa, Satapahem Duwa, Periyamarakkala Duwa, Erawana Duwa, Mima Duwa, Kiniya Duwa, Miyam Duwa, Muwan Duwa, Appala Duwa, etc. are the main islands here. The various traditional occupations of the islands provide a pleasant experience for tourists.

Kurudhu Duwa: Out of these, the Kurudhu Duwa is separated from the cinnamon crushing professions. This is a wonderful experience for those who have not seen the traditional way of crushing cinnamon. Tourists will have the opportunity to see and buy how cinnamon is produced, cinnamon oil and other cinnamon related products for export.

Koth Duwa: There are so many things to see and do on other islands besides this. Foremost among these is biodiversity. This is due to the fact that there are very few places in Sri Lanka where there is so much wetland diversity.

Ma Duwa: is the largest island in the Maduga archipelago. It is about 38 hectares in size and is home to about 150 families. Its ancient temple is about 400 years old. Legend has it that it was built on tourist aid. The villagers say that the tree is about 600 years old. The livelihoods of the islanders are fishing and cinnamon mining. Among them are some who leave for work in the city every day. Koth Dupa is famous among the archipelago for its Rajamaha Vihara. Legend has it that at some point in history, the Tooth Relic was hidden here to protect itself from hostile threats.

Satapahem Duwa: is the smallest of these islands. The ruins of a devalaya dedicated to the god Kataragama can still be seen there. Some villagers can still be seen performing rituals there. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Madugage's Satapaha Island is a beautiful sight.

Nai Duwa: Many tourists do not visit Nai Duwa, which is located between the islands. Because when snakes are caught, they are taken away and released. Therefore, it is better to say that it does not matter if the tourists do not visit the island.

Tourists on the Madhu River have the opportunity to see a rare sight that cannot be seen anywhere else in Sri Lanka. It is a metal bridge that connects the three islands. Because of the narrowness of the bridge, it is not possible for a vehicle to travel wider than a three-wheeler.

Shrimp farming is another activity associated with Madugaga. Tourists can see the prawns there. It is a common sight to see the owners setting up huts and guarding these prawns at night. Although some prawn boxes charge a small fee to visit, most tourists do not forget to pay a visit or visit because it is a great experience for those looking for knowledge and experience.

Some say that there are crocodiles in the Madhu river. It is not clear whether this is true or false. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

However, the story of the crocodiles aside, the most beautiful freshwater fish here tourists can see. Freshwater animals such as hunga, kapu henda, kawaii, thelaya, Coralia, crabs, and lobsters are common. Apart from that, there are opportunities to see plants such as mangroves and rathamilla here.

There are boats for the Madhu River Island Tour. Therefore, it is imperative for tourists to seek their guidance. Therefore, it is better to contact them in advance and talk about fees etc. It is worth noting, though, that most of them are very friendly. So, under their guidance and advice, you will have the opportunity to make this trip a very memorable one.



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