Moon Plains Agro Park

Moon Plains Agro Park


Moon Plans or Moon Plain Agro park is one of the must visit places for those who are visiting Nuwara Eliya as well as those who are interested in home gardening. Sita Eliya Agro technology park is a garden designed according to the Edible Landscaping Concept where you can get the practical knowledge required for home gardening.

In addition to all the vegetables that can be grown in Nuwara Eliya, there is a unique collection of fruits (under-grown) that you may have never seen before (under-grown), herbs, salads and very expensive and specialty herbs to buy and buy, in addition to seeds, various plants Facilities have also been set up at the Sandathenna Agro Park to purchase publications from the Department of Gardens and Agriculture.

You can find papino, tree tomato, garlic chives, lavender, zucchini, pachoi, cita papaya, millet (banana passion fruit), green peas and all the fruits we all know like apples and pears.

Don't forget to visit this Agro Park one day in Nuwara Eliya too. A place where you can enter for free and spend some time with your family, gain knowledge, and get good ideas for making homemade vegetables and fruits. It really was a different experience.

This is exactly where the Moon Plains or Moon Plains are located.

Located in: Nuwara Eliya Town
Traveling Time: 10 min (2.6 km) Nuwara Eliya Town to Lover's Leap
Cost : Free


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