Agro Technology Park (Bata Atha Farm)

Agro Technology Park in Bata Atha (Bata Atha Farm)


Agro Technology Park in Bata Atha (Bata Atha Farm) is located in the Hungama Batatha area in the Hambantota District in the Southern Province, this is another wonderful creation that has attracted local and foreign tourists. It is a kind of farm owned by the Department of Agriculture. But this is an open place for tourists from outside. There is no charge to enter here. You can also get a good clean "Ranawara" throat drink with no artificial ingredients and Things like vegetables and fruits can be bought for money.

Inside the garden, there is an orchard, a vegetable garden as well as a medicinal garden, but don't go picking nuts from them.

This place is very famous among the lovers of the area. The most amazing thing is that the lovers who come here and fall in love with each other come here at the moment of their wedding and to take their wedding photos. Then one day a child can come with a bag.

Route: This is the Agro Technology Park in Bata Atha (Bata Atha Farm) (see Agro Technology Park in Bata Atha (Bata Atha Farm) on Google Map). Everyone knows to stay in Colombo until you go to Matara. Now you can reach Matara in an hour and a half as there is an expressway. So you have to take the coastal road from Matara to Tangalle and the rest of the way from Tangalle town to Tissa road to Kataragama. On the way to Kataragama you have to pass Ranna town and then Hungama three way junction. If you are traveling from Colombo, Hungama is exactly 52 km from the Matara bus stand. This place is found about 3 km after passing the town of Hungama.

Located in: Hungama Batatha area in the Hambantota District
Traveling Time: 37 min (28.6 km) Hambantota Town to Agro Technology Park in Bata Atha (Bata Atha Farm)
Cost : Free


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