Saragama Temple

Saragama Temple


Saragama Temple is located in Saragama. Saragama is a beautiful village very close to the city of Kurunegala. Those who know the name Saragama will remember Saragama Lake and this nearby temple.

When we say Kurunegala, everyone remembers Athugala, but the location of this temple is also related to Athugala. The standing statue here and the huge sitting statues in Athugala are placed in a straight line facing each other which is a special place to see in this beautiful place.

Due to the location of this temple, there is a large standing statue with the name of the Dagoba and the Bo tree facing the main road. The beauty of the evening and the night can be seen beyond the beauty of the day.

With Athugala on one side and a view of the mountains on the other side, Yakdessagala will no doubt create a spectacular view from near the Saragama Lake. If you are going for a walk around this lake, the best time is in the evening. Watch the sun set. Watch the birds. Enjoy the cool breeze on the lake. Go to Udamaluwa Temple and come to Saragama sometime.

Anyone traveling to Kurunegala via Saragama, about 4.5 km from the Kurunegala-Puttalam main road, can come here.


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