Karambagala Hermitage

Karambagala Hermitage


Karulena Aranya Senasana is a forest monastery located in the Ridiyagama area in the Hambantota District in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. This is also known as the Karambagala Forest Hermitage. It is located in a beautiful environment in the Ridiyagama area of Hambantota in the Hambantota District.

The specialty of this environment is that many enlightened monks live here meditatively. There are many meditation rooms here. A large number of inscriptions from pre-Brahmi script can be found in this area.

History: The history of this forest monastery dates back to the 1st century BC.

Another important event here is the place where the Tooth Relic resided for one hour. Also, a great Arahant who was working in this place contracted leprosy. Ancient palm-leaf books say that the goddess Manimekhala created hot springs to cure the disease. These hot springs are now believed to be the most popular Madunagala hot springs among locals and foreigners.

Located in a beautiful tranquil setting, this caravanserai is in the forest monastery there are about 35 meditative monks living in the caves.For this reason, if you go here, do not behave loudly.

This place is most talked about during the reign of King Kavantissa when it became a place of great merit for twelve thousand Arahants including Arahant Chittagupta.Also, the line drawings in the cave here are among the oldest line drawings in Sri Lanka.

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