Ram Setu / Adam's Bridge

Ram Setu / Adam's Bridge


Ram Sethu Bridge is located on the sea between Mannar Island in Sri Lanka and Pamban Island in Rameshwaram, India. It's about 30 miles long. According to the Hindu legend, King Ravana of Sri Lanka abducted Prince Sita, the queen of Prince Rama and returned to Ceylon. It states that Prince Rama had his ape army build this bridge between India and Sri Lanka to go to Sri Lanka to rescue her.

There are various opinions regarding the Ram Sethu Bridge. According to one view, India and Sri Lanka were connected during the Ice Age and Sri Lanka, which was part of India, was separated about 125,000 years ago. The sea in the area known as Ram Sethu Bridge is about 30 feet deep in some places and about 3 feet deep in some places, News 18 reports. The sand dunes in some places are dry.

Until the 15th century, the sand dunes were above sea level, and scientists say there is evidence that they could have been walked on. A sandstorm in 1480 destroyed the sand dunes.

Historical information about this bridge is first found in Valmiki's Ramayana. There it is called 'Rama Sethu' or 'Rama's Bridge'. According to verses 2-22-76 of the Ramayana, Rama named it 'Sethubandhanam'. This area is now known as 'Sethu Samudram'. It means 'sea area with a bridge'. Cry is currently in the Thanjavur Saraswati Mahal Library in India. According to a Dutch map of 1747, the area is known as Ramancoil. Marco Polo's maps refer to this area as 'Setubandha' and 'Setubandha Rameswaram'.

A team of American geologists and scientists who have been researching the Ram Setu Bridge have concluded that the bridge is not a natural site but a man-made structure. Oceanographers call this a sand dune and believe it is not an ordinary sand dune. It is believed that a bridge was built over the surface of the sandstone with large boulders brought from another area. They further state that it is a mystery as to how such large rocks were brought to that place


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