Garadi Ella


First of all, getting to the Gardi Ella camp is not an easy task. Because when you climb to the top of the rock where the waterfall falls, you have to climb a precipice of 6 to 7 meters and the rest of the journey has to go.

Route: You have to take the Kalugala bus to Kandy. We went down to Ududumbara and from there we paid Rs. 700 for a Three Wheels. That journey is not so easy. You have to walk about 4 km on a concrete road. So the best thing is to take a Three Wheels from Ududumbara town and start the hike exactly.The road to Galamuduna is clear. There is only one place where you have a problem. That is where you have to climb with the help of a rope that is more than 6 meters high. Do not believe that the rope will be there when you go. So carry a good strong rope. Go with someone who is experienced in this. Because if there is no rope, the first person has to take the rope and go up. Be skeptical about it. Get ready to go cold in the rain. Leprosy is common. Keep the route, camping area and surroundings clean.



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