Sisiragiri Walawwa

Sisiragiri Walawwa


It is possible to imagine that the name of the Matara Yatiyana area is known even internationally because of Mr. Yatiyana. There is an opinion that it was this Sisiragiri Walawwa that brought all the wealth to Mr. Yatiyana.

Mr. Yatiyana was living at that time in a small house on the highest hill of the land where Yatiyana was currently building his house. At that time water was being taken for their needs from a well in the bottom of the land near the present Kekanadurra road in Yatiyana. Mr. Yatiyana's wife was returning home with water from a pot when bubbles appeared in the pot. This is how Hamine saw it. As he climbed about halfway up the hill, the rags he was wearing loosened. She immediately put the pot of water she was holding on her waist on the floor and got ready to put on the cloth. Hamine's eyes saw an unbelievable strangeness as she put the pot of water down and tightened the cloth. It bubbles out of its pot. After telling that to Mr. Yatiyana.A house was built in the middle of that place. Mr. Yatiyana stopped just after building the house and bought it at the Queen's Hotel in Kandy.

The gathering of whites has come down considerably due to Mr. Yatiyana. Three Jaguar cars in the window have been taken home to hurt the whites. This car story is really cool too. The company had imported only three of these latest Jaguars.

Mr. Yatiyana has asked the manager who was wearing Jandiya and wearing a tie coat how much this Jaguar was. The manager looked at Mr. Yatiyana, who was wearing a blanket, and said, "Please take the Jaguar." That's because the most expensive vehicle at the time was the Jaguar.

So Mr. Yatiyana bought all three vehicles immediately with money and brought it to Yatiyana's house in Matara with great pride. The Sisiragiri Palace, which had so much wealth and power, has now been abandoned. No one is resident. There are only the graves of Mr. Yatiyana, Mr. Hamine and their son in the palace alone. Some say there are ghosts in this palace now.

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