Gajaman Walawwa

Gajaman Walawwa


Gajaman Arachchi was the ancient symbol of the Gajaman dynasty. Gajaman Arachchi is the father of Mrs. Gajaman. Born in Milagiriya, Colombo and educated at Milagiriya Church, Gajaman Nona migrated to Kahawatta and from there to Weragampita, Matara due to her father's official travels.

This palace is located in Weragampita, Matara. The Veheragampita Rajamaha Viharaya is located nearby. It is correct to say that this temple helped Mrs. Gajaman on her journey.

Dona Isabel Perumal Cornelia alias Gajaman Nona, a well known poet of the Matara period who lived in Ruhuna, spent most of her life in this palace.

This palace is a single storey building. Gajaman Walawwa is a one-story palace, although it is usually a large palace with several floors.

An open porch in front. The two-story roof is made of old Sinhala tiles. This palace which is currently in the custody of the Department of Archeology is currently being renovated by the Matara Municipal Council.

They came to this house around 1772 when Mrs. Gajaman was about 14 years old. This house is a wonderful house with British architectural features.

Mrs. Gajaman lived in this palace until her death on December 15, 1814. She was 57 years old at the time of her death. She was happy in this house and had to go through a lot of sad things. Mrs. Gajaman was very sad towards the end of her life. She continues to live in this palace even after the death of her father and husband. The service rendered by the eminent poet like Gajaman Nona to the Sinhala literature of this country is immense.

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