The Bulathkohupitiya Dedugala area is a beautiful place full of natural beauty. A visitor from Colombo can visit several beautiful waterfalls in one day.

  • Solaba Ella
  • Weladha Ella
  • Nalagana Ella
  • Dhummala Ella
  • Dhiyangiri Ella
  • Rikili Ella
  • Gona Watunu Ella
  • Rukmal Ella

  • Those coming from Colombo or Ratnapura should turn right at the Warawala roundabout at Avissawella via Karawanella and Ruwanwella towards Galigamuwa and reach Bulathkohupitiya via Dedugala road,On your way to the Twelfth, you can see these beautiful places.
  • Those coming from Kegalle can reach Bulathkohupitiya via Hettimulla, Morontota, Moradana and Udugoda and use other alternative routes. It would be even better if you could use the map to make your journey easier.
  • If you go by bus you can come to Bulathkohupitiya from Avissawella and take the Dedugala bus to see some of those places.



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