This is the place where the last king of our kingdom, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, was captured by the British on the evening of Sunday, February 18, 1815. Today there is only one archeological monument here. It is said that the king captured him while he was hiding in a house in the village of Udupitiya.

It is said that the king captured him while he was hiding in a house in the village of Udupitiya. Steps were taken to erect a stone pillar at the site of Arachchi's house in Udupitiya in 1908 with the intervention of an Englishman named John Penry Louie who later served as the Chief Government Agent in Kandy from 1906 to 1910.

Local sculptors erected the stone pillar at the top of the river that flows between Bomure and Gallahewatta. However, it is said that this pillar was brought to the place captured by the king by pulling an elephant. It is said that the king and the queens were dragged down by their hands in the middle of a field in Bomure.

Today, Udupitiya is a beautiful village with streams and rivers. Paddy cultivation, done in the manner of Helmalu, stands out there.

Route: This is how to go to Udupitiya village on the main road from Kandy to Mahiyanganaya. M. After 31 km we reach Moragahamula Junction. On the way from Moragahamula to Kitulgahara you will come across the Bomure Bodhi Anganarama Temple. From there you can see the village of Bomure Udupitiya when you walk up the paddy field.

The stone pillar still stands today as a silent monument to the secrets of the past.



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