Oliphant Tea Estate

Oliphant Tea Estate


Oliphant tea Estate is located between Ramboda and Nuwara Eliya in the Nuwara Eliya District in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. This garden has been named as a tea estate of historical value as the first 30 tea plants imported from China to Sri Lanka were planted in this garden. The tea estate was then owned by a British man named Lawrence Oliphant.

Sir Andrew Oliphant and his son Lawrence Oliphant wanted to start the first tea plantation in Sri Lanka. It is said that they have started this tea estate with the importation of 30 tea plants from China. But a successful tea plantation has not been as successful as it had hoped. It was not until James Taylor successfully started a tea plantation in 1876 that anyone at the time was able to obtain successful tea results. Although not a success, the first tea plants in the country were planted in the Oliphant Tea Estate, just before the Lull Mountains.

Sir Andrew Oliphant came to Sri Lanka in 1830 to a high position as Chief Justice of Sri Lanka. By 1874 the Oliphant Tea Estate had expanded to 827 acres. Even today the tea plantation of this estate shines brightly.



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