Rangala Natural Pool

Rangala Natural Pool


Rangala Natural Pool is located in the Rangala village in the town of Teldeniya (Kandy-Mahiyangana road) in the Kandy District of the Central Province. This is one of the best natural pools in the Knuckles area. Tickets are not required to view or use this for swimming.

If you are going from Kandy you have to go about 45km Kandy --> Katugastota --> Manihinna --> East Teldeniya --> Rangala. It is about 15km from Teldeniya. The vehicle is easy to carry near the pool. Any vehicle can travel.

The road is beautiful on both sides. It have to go through tea estates, fields, mountains and beautiful streams.

The river that flows through Rangala is the creator / heir of this natural swimming pool. The water is really cool. The deepest end of the pool is about 30 feet. But now it has gone deeper. Riding a bike is the easiest way to travel.

Do you know the dangers hidden inside the beauty of this theatrical swimming pool ? There is one section of this pool that is more than 35 feet deep. But those who do not know about it have taken a bath and even paid with their lives. That's so scary.

If you go too, take care of your own safety. You too can go and enjoy the beauty. "Only footprints can be left. Only memories can be brought".

Rangala Natural pool location

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