Keerimalai Pond Jaffna

Keerimalai Pond Jaffna


Keerimalai Pond Jaffna is a freshwater spring located in the Kankesanthurai area in the Jaffna District in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, adjacent to the Keerimalai Sea. The water in this pond is unsalted. Jaffna is a major tourist destination in the district. Many tourists in the North do not forget to bathe in the Keerimalai Pond.

Adjacent to the Keerimalai Sea, the specialty of this pond is that its water is unsalted. In short, no salt at all. Although a large body of water has flowed into the sea from this pond, it is reported that its volume will not decrease. There is a beautiful legend about this Keerimalai pond.

Keerimalai pond history: This pond has become a miracle for two mice that lived in India. Although the trunks of these two mice are human, their faces are animalistic. One catfish has a muzzled face and the other has a horse face. In the meantime, they have received a message that there is a pond in Sri Lanka that will immediately turn their faces back to human form. So these two mice came across the sea to bathe in this pool. Legend has it that their faces later became real human beings. Many Hindus believe that bathing in this pool cures various skin ailments.

It's okay to go here and take a shower to protect these beautiful places. Bathing in this pool is open only from 6 am to 6 pm.


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