Gallows Tree in Hambanthota

Gallows Tree in Hambanthota


The history of the Hambantota gallows goes back to the colonial era in Sri Lanka. Kohomburerala, a leading figure in the 1818 War of Independence, was assassinated by the gallows. This gallows is made of kithul trunk and remains to this day. This gallows is designed to hang four people at once. According to Leonard Wolf, he used to look at the gallows through a window in his official residence. The official residence of the Government Agent is very close.

It is said that during his tenure (1908-1911) the gallows was used to kill seven people. It is said that the gallows was later used as a flagpole. Although this gallows belongs to the dark memories of the colonial era, today you can see a fascinating coastal landscape around it. The Matello Tower, the Government Agent's old official residence, the Magampura Museum and this gallows are located close to each other.

You can see this gallows as you walk along the footpath near the wall of the Government Agent's official residence. This is the only outdoor hanging tree currently found in Sri Lanka


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