Andarege Sohona

Andarege Sohona


As a clown in the royal court of King Rajadhi Rajasinghe who ruled in the Kandy era Andre introduced himself as an extraordinary poet who also served as his superintendent. There is hardly anyone who does not know about Kawata Andare who was famous as the "sadda vidda palaga pathira Rajapaksa Wickramasinghe Muthukumarana Adhikaram".

The story of his death: While Andre was at the royal palace, he fell ill. King Andre has been informed that he too should go to the village like a king. The king gave him a dola, princes, royal robes, and a crown and sent him to the village of Andare. It is said that he was passing through Pelmadulla and Udawalawe in Sabaragamuwa and felt very thirsty. Realizing that he was ill, Andre realized that he was dying. He slowly descended from the swing and sat down under a tree. Because it felt difficult to breathe. He stretched out his arms and legs and said in a poem that he breathed his last. The poem says that despite all the royal honors and pleasures, he had to die under a tree in the Tissamaharama area of Hambantota, or on his way to his native village, without a single drop of water.

Andre's tomb is also set up, reminiscent of how he died. Andre's death brought grief to the king. But the king who came to this place smiled when he saw Andre's demeanor. It is also said that the king said, "Andre, you have always comforted me with joy.". It is said that Andre passed away in the midst of the king's honor, in a dead posture. At present, a monument erected in the manner of Andre's death can be seen at Udamalala.
Everyone, big and small, has a deep love for the royal clown, Andre.

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