Victoria Dam In Sri Lanka

Victoria Dam In Sri Lanka


The Victoria Dam is a two-arched dam located 6 km from the town of Teldeniya on the upper reaches of the Mahaweli River. This is the tallest dam in Sri Lanka and supplies 210 MW to the largest hydropower plant in Sri Lanka. Victoria Dam is 122 meters high, 520 meters long, 6 meters wide, and 25 meters wide with a base.

history of victoria dam in sri lanka:This is how the dam got its name. Victoria Falls was 300m below the site of the Victoria Dam before it was built. Victoria Dam got its name from Victoria Falls. There is another story behind this name , President JR Jayewardene visited England and met with Queen Elizabeth. Mr. Jayewardene tells the Queen that a loan is needed for the largest reservoir to be built in Sri Lanka. Although the loan is on loan, the reservoir is named after Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth's grandmother.

The dam created the Victoria Reservoir, which covers an area of 22.7 square miles [22.7 sq km]. Did you know that Victoria Reservoir has a water capacity of 722,000,000 cubic meters and a catchment area of 1869 square kilometers. And a Victoria Dam 12.5 meters wide and It consists of 8 sluice gates with a length of 6.5 meters.

These sluice gates open automatically when the water level in the reservoir rises. In addition, two low level sluice gates are located at the base of the dam and are used to remove silt from the back of the dam.


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