Seenigama Devol Devalaya

Seenigama Devol Devalaya


Seenigama Devol Devalaya located on the beach beyond the 96th mile post on the Colombo-Galle Expressway in Hikkaduwa Weragoda in the Galle District is believed to be around 1300 years old. But only evidence of a 300 year written history of the Seenigama Devol Devalaya remains.

Seenigama Devol Devalaya Sacred Area can be seen on a slightly higher rock that looks like it is floating in the middle of the sea about 300 meters from the land. Although it was located on land in the distant past, it has been gradually eroded by the sea for many years and is now located in the middle of the sea about three hundred meters from the land today.

The ancient book states that the Seenigama Devol Devalaya was dedicated to Goddess Pattini in ancient times and that the people of Sri Lanka performed poojas for Goddess Pattini.

Many people go to Seenigama to pray to God to tell them about their troubles and some of the things they have lost. Some even go to Seenigama to seek revenge. That means grind the peppers.

Also, there is an opinion that incurable diseases can be cured by visiting the Seenigama Devol Devalaya. The Seenigama Devol Devalaya has the world's first and only Manimekhala deity. The goddess Manimekhala is second only to the Pattini mothers. Pattini is considered to be the mother who gives opportunity to the wristbands. Manimekhala is considered by our people to be the goddess of the sea.

The whole of Seenigama was devastated by the 2004 tsunami, but miraculously nothing happened to the Devalaya. Today, Seenigama is a major tourist attraction .


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