Muruthawela Ginipetti Palama


Muruthawela Ginipetti Palama is a great place to bathe and be happy in the South. The canal that carries water from the Julampitiya Muruthawela Reservoir in the Hambantota District has been constructed in this manner. The bathing area is about 1 km away from the Ginipetti Palama along the same road. This Muruthawela reservoir starts from the tributaries of the Kirama Oya. There's a matchbox bridge here. This is not the only matchbox bridge in Sri Lanka but there are others. The bridge got its name because it is built in the shape of a matchbox

Muruthawela Reservoir: This Muruthawela Reservoir is related to many archeological excavations. A survey conducted in 2013 - identified a location where the water level of the Muruthawela Reservoir decreases, indicating the presence of manure and iron furnaces submerged in the reservoir. Scattered pottery premises have also come to the fore. It has been found that these ancient heritages have been submerged in these reservoirs at the foot of Mount Rammalaya which were the settlements of the Rohana Kingdom.

Accordingly, it is clear that there were settlements of distinguished metalworkers who represented the common people who lived in Rohana in the past. We do not know whether we will lose this heritage due to large scale development projects.

These are the findings of the excavations at the Muruthawela Reservoir:
  • Most of the pottery remains found were pottery pieces that were much wider and stronger
  • That there were RW and BRW pots among these pots
  • Evidence of use of chemicals
  • Items suspected to belong to clay pots such as Koraha and Appallaya
  • Some pottery has patterns made of clay
We also remind you that feasibility studies should be carried out for large scale development projects and that it is important to consider the archaeological impact assessment reports. So the construction of these reservoirs is valuable to the country but due to this we are losing a lot of our archeological heritage. The remaining balances should also be studied

  • For those traveling from Matara --> Hakmana --> Walasmulla --> Julampitiya - 45km.
  • Travelers from Embilipitiya can reach Middeniya --> Walasmulla Road --> Julampitiya - 27 Km.
Special remark: It is not advisable to bathe in this place during the rainy season. Get information and support from locals when visiting and bathing in these places.


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